At Psychotherapy & Pastoral Counseling Associates (PPCA), we are committed to cultivating a team of professional psychotherapists that value cultural diversity, best practice therapeutic approaches, and sustainable practices that enrich our well-being  as well as the well-being of the clients we serve. We value the importance of holistic health and wellness as well as the mind-body-emotion-spirit interconnections that impact the journey of healing.

Psychotherapy & Pastoral Counseling Associates, LLC was inspired by the non-profit counseling organization called The Pastoral Counseling Center of Santa Fe, founded in 1993.  Many of our psychotherapist have been with PPC from early on.  Throughout our history in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico, our group has been a well-known and respected professional presence in the community.  PPCA is a group of therapists with extensive experience, training, and talent that provide caring, therapeutic support for families, couples, and individuals, from pregnancy through end of life. Our intention is to promote healing and empowerment through counseling services and professional psychotherapy that honor each client's culture, values, philosophy, spirituality, and faith journey.

To  Inquire contact:  maboud@ppcasantafe.org