Current Projects Include

We have a simple mission: The Integration of Psychotherapy and Spirituality.  Our intention is the Healing and Empowering of Individuals, Couples and Families by Providing Professional Therapy and Counseling Services, while Honoring Client's Values, Philosophy, and Spiritual and Faith Journeys.

PSYCHOTHERAPY & PASTORAL COUNSELING ASSOCIATES, LLC was inspired by The Pastoral Counseling Center of Santa Fe which was.

Founded: 1993

Founders:  Kay Wagner, OSF, Fr. Jim Wolff and Ricardo Russo, OFM.  

What We’re Doing

REFERRALS.  We are not the best resource for crises that require 24/7 services.  If needed, call 911, Crisis Response of Santa Fe at 505.820.6333 or visit the nearest Emergency Room.  We accept referrals through our confidential intake phone line, reached by calling 505.988.4131, ext. 116.  Messages are are checked every week-day.  Your call will be returned by one of our telephone intake therapists.  The intake is needed in order for our Clinical Director to help make the best possible match between the client's needs, desires, and financial situation and the therapist.  Even though our procedure may involve some telephone tag, please be assured that we want to help you find a therapist as soon as possible.  Please leave possible times that may be good to reach you. (For more details, please see .the "Contact Us" section.)

Graceful Aging
A series of psycho-educational programs for Seniors.  The next series will emphasize small, interactive and experiential groups in order to allow for greater participation.
Parents Are Forever
A psycho-educational series of groups for divorced or divorcing for parents who are having conflict that affects their children.  The program educates co-parents and teaches them ways to improve their parenting skills.

Peer Support and Counseling Initiative
In order to better provide assistance to members of our community, we have submitted a proposal to develop and to offer a Peer Counseling Training and Certification Program.

Development of a new Holistic Health and Wellness Initiative is Planned for this Summer...