Given our limited resources and the fact that many of our staff are only available part-time, we are not the best resource for crises that require 24/7 services.  (The limitation is especially important if there is a past history of harm to oneself or others or of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.)  If urgent help is needed, please call “911” or Crisis Response of Santa Fe at 505.820.6333; or visit the nearest Emergency Room.  

We accept most regular referrals through our confidential intake phone line which can be reached by calling 505.988.4131, ext. 116.  Messages are checked every day during the week. Your call will be returned by one of our telephone intake therapists.  The intake conversation by phone is needed in order for our Clinical Director to help make the best possible match between the client's needs, desires, and financial situation and the therapist’s availability.  Our telephone intake procedure may involve some telephone tag, which we know can be frustrating; but, please be assured that we do want to help you find a therapist as soon as possible.  (Telephone tag also occurs even if you contact a private therapist.). Please leave possible times that may be good to reach you. Once the phone intake is completed, we will get back to you as soon as we are able. 

When a PPCA therapist is recommended, the therapist will then contact you in order to schedule an appointment.  Even if we can’t provide a therapist ourselves, we are available to make other referrals as needed.


How to Find Us

Main Physical Address: 2019 Galisteo St., Suite M-1, Santa Fe NM 87505 US, 



Telephone:  505-988-4131 ext 116